4 Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Be Making

An air conditioning system is a complicated machine that develops issues over time. We cannot avoid the circumstances that developed the issue, but we can take preventive steps to fix it before it becomes a massive problem. Calling maintenance services is one of the preventive steps you can take to prevent repair issues.

4 Sounds Indicate Your AC System Needs an AC Repair Technician

According to experts in AC repair keeping a tab on the AC system operations is essential. If you hear the following noises during AC operations, report the issues to an AC technician. The four noises are:

  • Hissing Noise

Hissing noise often refers to a leakage issue in the refrigerant. The AC system and its components work on the refrigerant, and changing the pressure and temperature, makes the environment comfortable. Contact an expert of AC replacement in Layton, UT, if you hear a hissing noise.

  • Rattling Noise

Rattling noises are caused for two reasons: An unlatched cabinet door and a damaged blower fan. The broken or bent-down blades of the fans produce rattling noises, and call the technician to replace them with a new one.

  • Grinding Noise

The grinding noise is a reminder that the AC maintenance services are long overdue. It indicates the oil in the motor that is used to reduce the friction and smoothen the process needs a replacement. Delaying the services because friction will damage the internal parts because the HVAC unit might stop working.

  • Shrieking Noise

Worn-out motor bearings and mechanical components cause shrieking noises. If the motor bearings are not replaced appropriately, you will permanently damage the blower motor and fan. Annual maintenance services keep the problem away, but call the AC tune-up, to fix the issue.

Tips to Prevent All AC Repair Issues

Prevention is necessary to divert all the problems and keep the AC system better and running for a long time. According to the experts of AC tune-up in Layton, UT, here are some tips that you can include in your daily routine to maintain your AC system:

  • Replace the air filter before the season begins. If you have a heat pump in your home, replace the filter every three months.
  • Lower the AC system working time, and use other alternatives to maintain the lower temperature. Use a ceiling or portable fan to maintain comfort in the interiors.
  • Do not operate the AC system at lower temperatures because it will exhaust the compressor prematurely, which increases the chances of calling the AC replacement, before the AC system completes a decade.
  • Clean all the foliage and dry leaves to ensure the debris does not disrupt the AC’s functioning.


If you feel a change in the AC system operation or the AC system is not working appropriately, contact the AC repair in Layton to fix it soon. Schedule maintenance services for the air conditioning system annually in the spring.

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