How To Know When To Repair Or Replace Your Furnace?

How To Know When To Repair Or Replace Your Furnace?

A furnace is a necessity for families in Layton and the surrounding areas during winter. It is extremely hard to handle the bitter cold without a furnace or a heating appliance. If you require furnace services to ensure you are prepared for the cold season, contact our technician for heating replacement services in Layton, UT, to service your furnace.  In some cases, your furnace may be inefficient to work this season, you may wonder whether you should repair or replace it. Owners should be careful while making this decision, and should seek guidance from our professional.

Factors Affecting the Decision

If you understand the factors that affect the repair or replacement of your furnace, you may be able to make a better decision. Although numerous factors can help you decide, here are the most important ones that you should keep in mind:

Heating Efficiency

As you know, a furnace has to warm your home efficiently for winter. It is its primary function to increase your comfort. However, if your furnace cannot perform its primary function, you should consider a repair job. A repair job should be enough to help the furnace regain its lost efficiency, but if the furnace does not perform well even after numerous repair jobs, you should contact our technician for heating installation in Layton, UT, to install a new furnace.


All furnaces have an average life expectancy for which they can work efficiently. After crossing this age, almost all furnaces stop functioning efficiently. The average age can range from 10 to 20 years, depending on the type of furnace you own.

If your furnace has crossed this range, you should replace it with a new one. Forcing your old system to work this winter can lead to high energy bills and safety issues. However, if your furnace is within this range, you can continue using it after a heating repair job in Layton, UT.

Numerous Problems

A furnace faces wear and tear damage that you cannot control or limit while working. To fix this damage, you should contact our technician for repair jobs before it becomes irreparable. A repair job once a month or two months is acceptable.

However, if your furnace malfunctions excessively even after annual servicing, you should consider a replacement. Instead of spending money on numerous repair jobs each month, you should save it to invest in a new furnace.

High Energy Bills

A furnace is an electrical appliance, so it will consume energy while working, increasing your energy bills. You can expect an increase in your energy bills, but if the increase is more than you expected, you should check your appliance.

A furnace that consumes more energy than it should indicates malfunctioning. You should contact our technician to confirm whether the furnace has a minor problem or needs a complete replacement.


These factors may not be enough to decide whether to replace or repair your appliance. Allow E.R.S. Heating & Cooling to help you make the decision. Our years of experience will ensure you make the right decision for your home and comfort within your budget.

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