Safety Tips For Using A Space Heater Inside Your Home

Space heaters are popular and handy as temporary and additional heating devices. Most people prefer space heaters in addition to the furnace for extra warmth without affecting utility bills. However, handling these devices with care is always better. Operate your space heaters carefully and call heating repair in Layton, UT, in case of an issue. 

Safety Tips to Ensure the Comfort and Safety of Your Family.

  • Electric heaters are the best

For indoor use, electric heaters are your best option. The fuel-burning heaters are dangerous when proper ventilation is unavailable and can create harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide. For your safety in enclosed spaces, stick to electric space heaters of small size only when necessary.

  • Place heater on the floor

When you place the heater on the floor, it allows the heat to dissipate into the floor, warming it first and then reaching other areas in the room. Make sure not to keep your heater on a soft, flammable surface, such as a carpet or rug.

  • Keep away from water

Always remember to place your space heaters away from water and wet items. It can cause serious safety risks if used in an enclosed space near water. A little bit of water can cause the heating element to spark; do not use the heater for drying, as it can be a safety hazard.

  • Don’t leave space heaters unattended

It is always advised to use space heaters for a limited time and never unattended. These small devices cannot regulate the temperature for long and thus consume energy.

  • Install smoke detectors

Be mindful never to run a heater without smoke detectors. To be safer, check your detectors regularly and install one on each floor. Whenever you have your space heater on, stay alert.

  • Buy only safety-certified heaters

Home appliances like space heaters are tested and approved by various authorities to ensure your safety indoors. Never buy an appliance without the certification and if the seal is broken. If so, ask your seller for a heating replacement in Ogden, UT.

  • Turn it off after use

After using the space heater, always turn it off and unplug it. It prevents accidents and ensures your family’s safety from fire or electrical faults.

  • Keep the cord away

When you use the heaters for a long time, it is also natural for the cord to get hot as well. Remember not to enclose it in a closed space; let it cool first. Make sure that the cord is visible and nobody trips on it accidentally.

  • Plug heaters only in a wall outlet

Remember that a heater is a heavy device. It might look small, but it can overload the circuit when plugged into extension cords, plug timers, and other appliances, causing electrical damage. So, plug it into a wall outlet and keep an adequate distance from it.

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