When Should You Think About Purchasing A New HVAC Unit?

HVAC units are a big investment; therefore, most people rethink purchasing a new unit at any time. It is impossible to use the same unit all your life, it will break at some point, and you will have to buy a new one. Therefore, planning an HVAC upgrade is necessary. 

Signs Indicating a problem with your existing HVAC system.

After you notice the following warning signs indicating trouble with your current HVAC system, ask your trusted HVAC contractor in Ogden, UT, about a possible replacement and install a new unit.

  • The age of unit

The age of your existing HVAC unit is an important criteria. Most people believe that 15 to 20 years are sufficient for you to utilize your HVAC system to its full capacity, but this is a conditional statement.

If you schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups for your HVAC unit, you can extend its lifespan for years. However, when you are at the near end of your HVAC system with frequent repairs and breakdowns, look for an upgraded system that saves energy and cost.

  • Frequent repairs

If you are getting frequent repairs for your AC or furnace and the problems keep returning, it is time you realize that replacement is better than repairs. Constantly running AC and furnaces decreases overall efficiency.

A technician takes a few hours for small repairs such as electrical circuits and fuses. At the same time, if some major issue occurs with the thermostat or motor, you should consider replacing it.

  • Unexpectedly high energy bills

As the HVAC unit ages, it tends to overwork to compensate for the lack of efficiency and produce desired heating and cooling. When it constantly runs for a longer time, your energy bills rise more than usual. You can either get it repaired over and over or find a replacement with new and better technology to save on utility bills.

  • New highly efficient technology

If you have a decade-old HVAC unit but are interested in the new technology of ductless, split systems, and dual-fuel heat pumps, you can choose a replacement. The newer technology is safer and easier to use with improved technology. Contact HVAC repair in Layton, UT, and discuss if replacement is a better option for you.

  • Uneven temperature and cold spots

A large house needs a large HVAC unit, while a smaller one works well for a small house. Keeping this in mind, it might be due to improper ductwork if you find hot and cold spots in your house. Ask your HVAC contractor to inspect and fix the issue.

  • System keeps running

It needs attention if the unit keeps running non-stop on a regular day. When dirt and debris block the filters, your system will have to overwork. It will run for a long time continuously, to keep up with the temperature. Hence, an overworking HVAC unit needs repairs, and when the frequency of repairs increases, consider replacement as a better option.

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