Why is My Air Conditioning System Leaking Water?

Water leakage from the air conditioning system is a common phenomenon in the summer season. We lower the thermostat temperature during summer to cope with the warm temperature. Lowering the temperature increases the pressure on the AC compressor to produce the desired temperature. 

The exhaustive working for long hours causes the water to drip from the AC system. But when the dripping water amount increases, you need an AC repair in Layton.

AC Component That Causes Water Leakage Issue

An evaporator is an essential component in the refrigeration cycle that helps lower the temperature. When the AC system absorbs the warm air from indoors, it is blown over evaporator coils to cool it down. 

All the moisture gets collected in the drip or condensate pan, and with the help of a condensate drain, the water gets discarded from the AC system. 

According to our Ogden AC tune-up experts, the AC system cannot remove the additional water due to the excessive working during the summer season. 

Reasons Why Your AC System Leaks Water!

Here are some reasons, according to our AC replacement in Layton, UT, that is often behind the issue: 

  • A clogged condensate drain restricts the water flow, and somehow water finds its way. A clogged drain can be cleaned with the help of a long wire brush and clear the blockage. It would help if you cleaned the condensate drain monthly by pouring baking soda or vinegar down the pipe. 
  • Poor installation can cause a disconnection in the drain line, causing the water leakage issue. An AC technician or plumber will help resolve the problem effectively. 
  • A broken drain pan can cause a water leakage issue because the water drips from the drain pan. If you see a crack on the drain pan, call the experts to replace it. You can also use a water-resistant sealant but consult the AC replacement. 
  • If your AC outdoor unit is installed in the basement or attic, there is a condensate pump that helps discard the water. The condensate pump has a float switch that alerts the pump to flow out the water when the water crosses a certain level in the pump. A malfunctioning float switch or condensate pump can lead to water spilling as it cannot dump it outside. 
  • Due to dusty or blocked AC filters, frozen evaporator coils can also increase the water spillage. 

Immediately Call the AC Repair Experts!

Using the AC system with the issue can increase the problem severity, and you might end up with a water pool on the floor or get irritated by hearing water droplets collecting in a bucket.


When you see the water dripping from the AC system, switch off the AC unit and call the Ogden AC tune-up technician for a quick check and repair. ERS Heating and Cooling will help you quickly resolve your household HVAC issue with effective solutions. To hire our professional technicians, call us at (801)516-3986!