Avoid These 4 Common AC Mistakes To Save Money

It will be unfair to your comfort and health if you deprive your house of AC installation in Ogden, especially during the harsh summer months. After installation, AC maintenance is an essential part of keeping your system running optimally. Failing to do so can result in premature AC replacement which can cost nearly $3000.

4 Common AC Mistakes:

Avoiding this mistake will help you save money in the long run. Curious to know what these four common AC mistakes are? Let’s find out:

  • Not Keeping the AC Clean

When we keep our AC unit dirty, it is wrong to expect clean and high-quality airflow. A dirty AC unit is prone to several irreparable damages. Thus, we should check the condition of the condenser, evaporator coils, drain lines, etc., when we sense a decrease in the cooling efficiency of our AC unit.

These units, if kept clean, function smoothly and prevent sudden AC malfunctions. You must replace the air filter within 90 days or within 30 days. The inefficient and dirty air filter also hinders the entire functioning of the air conditioning system. You should also keep your house clean and the outside vegetation pruned to prevent AC from getting dirty quickly.

  • Ignoring the Annual HVAC Service

An AC tune-up in Layton, UT, is not just a formality. Rather, it is an essential service to maintain the AC unit’s quality. No matter how busy your schedule is, one should plan for AC service at least once a year, preferably during spring.

It is recommended to get the AC serviced twice annually for better efficiency and fewer repairs. The annual tune-up service helps you clean the air conditioning unit without much effort.

  • Keeping the Windows Open

Open windows mean a constant rise in room temperature. Our AC compressor has to run continuously to remove the increasing heat. This mistake leads to early air conditioning failure.

A constantly running AC shortens the life of its compressor, the most expensive AC part. It also hikes your monthly power bills. Every HVAC owner should avoid this mistake during summer to save money on utility bills.

  • DIY AC Unit Installation

It is a mistake one must avoid. Once we decide to perform DIY AC replacement or installation, this mistake is hard to fix. It is a difficult task that should be left to the experienced HVAC technician. A professional installation service will guarantee that you will not face any issues with the air conditioner’s performance due to installation.


The absence of experience usually leads to poor installation. A poorly installed AC unit is not going to serve you with the desired temperature for a longer duration. E.R.S. Heating and Cooling Inc. can guide you more on AC maintenance.

We can help you with HVAC repairs and AC replacement in Layton, UT. You don’t have to worry about the results when you schedule our HVAC services because we guarantee satisfaction. Contact ERS today to schedule quality services.