How Long An Air Scrubber Should Run?

Given the increasing number of reports pointing towards poor indoor air quality and its damaging impact on health, more and more people are now focusing on enhancing the indoor air quality of their commercial properties.

While air purifiers and humidifiers are two of the most well-known air machines found in most homes in the United States, air scrubbers are gaining immense popularity globally. Read on to learn more about air scrubbers in Ogden, UT and how long an air scrubber should run.

What Exactly is an Air Scrubber?

When we imagine filtration systems in the home, we usually think of an air purifier, the conventional type of air gadget used mainly to clean the interior facility of your private indoor environment. Have you ever heard of an air scrubber that can clean the air in an enclosed environment?

Air scrubbers perform functions that are very close to air purifiers. Still, an air scrubber is generally classified as a commercial or industrial air cleaner that can function effectively against more severe or larger areas of pollution indoors, such as building sites, refurbishments, projects, and remediation sites.

Understanding the Purpose of an Air Scrubber

Air scrubbers live up to their reputation, as they scrub the air to eliminate and clean it of a wide range of air particles. This type- of air device can cover hundreds of square feet with a small air scrubber, making it a more cost-effective and efficient alternative than other types of air devices.

Dry and wet scrubbing are the two primary ways used in air scrubbers, and they both work in different ways to clean the air in an enclosed environment.

  • A dry scouring air scrubber cleans the air by sucking contaminants and particles through a dry filtration system. The dry filter is usually sorbent, which can effectively eliminate acid from gas.
  • A wet air scrubber is one of the most adaptable and cost-effective methods of air washing in residential and manufacturing settings. Wet scrubbing works by sucking air through a damp pad or filter to capture free-floating toxins and particulate matter.

How Long Should an Air Scrubber Function?

The time an air scrubber should be left running in an internal environment depends on several factors, including the space’s temperature and other conditions. The industry standard recommends leaving an air scrubber in place for 24 to 48 hours to scrub the air extensively.

These types of air devices typically perform 4 to 6 air exchanges per hour, assisting in the filtration and washing of the airspace. However, with this system running in your air for more than 48 hours, it is better to contact a specialist for air filter replacement in Ogden and take their suggestions for how long the air scrubber should run in the enclosed environment.

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