Reasons For Water Leakage From Your Furnace

Water Leakage From Your Furnace

The primary work of your furnace is to generate enough warm air for the whole house, and its secondary function is to purify your indoor air to keep it free from dust and dirt. Moreover, it also balances the moisture content in the indoor air for a comfortable stay.

As your furnace performs these functions, it faces frequent wear and tear damage, resulting in lesser heating efficiency and higher energy bills. In such cases, you should contact our technician for heating replacement in Layton, UT to inspect the system. One such problem that requires professional care is water leakage. 

Reasons for Water Leakages

If your furnace troubles you with water leakages, you should contact our technician for help. However, as the owner, you should know the reasons that trigger this issue. Knowing the trigger points can help you avoid them in the future:


As said, your furnace maintains the moisture content in your indoor air. It collects excess moisture in the air and removes it through the heating vents. However, due to excess moisture, that water may start dripping back into your home, leading to water leakages. Contact our technician for heater maintenance in Layton, UT, to balance the moisture content with other appliances.

Blockage in the Air Return

A duct connects the furnace to the outside air if you have an indoor furnace. Blockages in this duct can lead to unwanted moisture content inside it, and that moisture will create water puddles in your home.

Blockage in the Vent Pipe

The role of the vent pipe is to remove unwanted gases and particles from the indoor air. It also removes moisture in the form of vapors. Like the air return vent, blockages in the vent pipes can lead to excess moisture dripping back into your home.

Blockage in the Drain Line

The drain line removes unwanted water from the system to the septic tank. It can become clogged due to bacterial growth in the still water. You can flush the drain line with chlorine and vinegar or contact our technician for heating installation in Ogden, UT , to do it for you.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters restrict airflow, leading to unwanted moisture build-up inside the vents. This moisture will accumulate to form water droplets that create puddles in your home.

A Malfunctioning Humidifier

Almost all the latest furnaces have humidifiers to control the moisture content in the indoor air. If they malfunction, the furnaces will not control the moisture levels, and you may run into water puddles throughout the house.

Plumbing Issues or Air Conditioner Problems

Sometimes, the real culprit behind the water puddles in your home is not your furnace but your plumbing problems and air conditioner. If there are leaks in your home’s water pipes, there will be water puddles. Similarly, air conditioners do not work for months during winter, and the drain pipes in them may develop cracks due to no maintenance.


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