What Happens If You Don’t Replace Air Filters In HVAC?

The long-term impact of not replacing or cleaning your HVAC filter is that your machine will eventually break down. However, before that occurs, dirt and dust from the outside will clog up your system, leading to costly repairs and untimely replacements.

In addition, dirty air filters make the device ineffective because they consume significant power and energy. You will first notice high electricity bills and a barely functioning unit before your HVAC system fails. All these indicators imply that you should call experts for your air filter replacement in Ogden.

What Happens If You Don't Replace Your HVAC Filters?

Here are some repercussions you will face if you do not replace your heating and cooling air filters.

Damage to Your HVAC Appliance

The risk of not changing the air purifier in the house for an extended period is that it will inevitably cause machine damage. It means that the extra heat will wipe out the entire HVAC system.

Replacing the entire system or some important parts can be extremely expensive, almost as much as purchasing a new HVAC unit. Remember that replacing air filters costs less than $50, so don’t let inaction and negligence cost you hundreds of dollars.

Broken or Ineffective Evaporator Coils

Evaporative coils are in charge of dissipating heat from your home to keep it cool. If you do not substitute your air filters regularly, your evaporator coils will inevitably collapse.

Since these inductors are essential to the operation of your air conditioning system, replacing them can be costly. Hence it is better to replace your HVAC air filters timely to avoid all these hassles.

Call a Technician to Change Your HVAC Filter

You generally do not need to contact a technologist to change the air conditioning unit filter as most air filters remain located in easily accessible areas. All that is required is to remove the old ones and replace them. However, some older models have internal air filters that must be replaced with the proper tools by a professional expert.

In addition, if you’re having trouble replacing your air filters, don’t try to do it yourself because you might end up causing more damage, and it is best to hire a technician to do it for you. When substituting the filters, make sure to use the correct size. Filters are available based on the model number, so be careful when selecting one.

When Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

Checking the manufacturer’s standards is the only way to know when to clean or replace dirty air filters. However, there are times when your HVAC will show signs that the filters need to be changed. It is prudent not to ignore these signs because they indicate that your air purifiers are already working too hard.

Fortunately, most contemporary HVAC units have cutting-edge technology that can tell you when it’s time to replace them. If you wish to schedule a routine furnace or AC tune-up in Layton, UT, before the summer begins, seek our professional assistance at ERS Heating & Cooling.